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6 Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement

He popped the question, you said “yes,” and now it’s time to shout it from the rooftops! Before you begin shopping for bridesmaids dresses or even simply bridesmaid’s gifts, tell your loved ones about your engagement in a unique way. After all, those around you want to celebrate this moment just as much as you do. When it comes to engagement announcements, why stick with a normal boring announcement? Have some fun with it! Let’s get this bridal party started by counting down some of the best ways to announce your upcoming engagement.

Man and woman holding signs. The woman's sign says, "He asked." The mans' sign says, "She said yes!!!"

Include Your Furry Friends

Whether you’re cat or dog people, your fur babies are a big part of your life. Because an engagement announcement is such a momentous occasion, who better to share the news than your favorite furry friends? If you’re looking to announce via social media, create a sign that reads, “My humans are getting married.” Then, pose your pet with the sign in a backdrop of your choosing. Snap a few pictures and post to your favorite social media sites and watch as the “likes” and comments come rolling in!

For an in-person announcement using your precious pet, have a custom shirt or sweater made. Plan a get-together with those you love most. Before your guests arrive, put the shirt on your pet. Then, once everyone has gathered, let your furry friend wander around the crowd until someone notices what the shirt says. You’ll hear the squeals and shouts of joy spread throughout the room as soon as your guests realize what your pet is announcing.

Add a Personal Detail

Are you and your fiancée movie buffs? Whether you love the classics or you’re a fan of modern mysteries, pay tribute to your favorite films with your engagement announcement. Instead of a typically posed photo, think outside of the box. Choose your favorite romantic film and recreate the movie poster with your fiancée. For example, The Notebook, La La Land, or The Proposal’s movie posters can all be recreated easily.

Or you could include a shared interest or quirky detail that showcases your personalities to the world. For example, if you and your fiancée met at a big sports school, you could shoot your engagement photos back at your home football field. If the proposal took place in an area that is special to you, you have a piece of jewelry engraved with its GPS coordinates or zip code. If the place is known for something special, like an iconic skyline or beautiful beaches, you can work it into the design of your announcement, either by taking a photo there or finding a piece of art that reflects it. These personal touches will add personal, sentimental flair to your announcement.

A man holds a small gift in front of a pleasantly surprised woman with her hands over her mouth

Create a Timeline

Even if those around you are expecting an engagement announcement, they may not know all of the details of your relationship. Give them a glimpse into your romance by creating a miniature timeline to enjoy. In addition to a photo of the two of you, include the dates when you met, your first date, your first kiss, when you first professed your love, the date of your engagement, and the date you’ve chosen for your nuptials. This sort of announcement doubles as both an engagement announcement and a save-the-date card all in one! With so much customization available, it’s easy to make it your own with various pictures, layouts, fonts, and styles.

You can do this on Instagram or Snapchat and give yourself a custom hashtag that other people can use leading up to the big day when they take photos of the two of you that you’ll want to remember. When the wedding day comes, you’ll have a bunch of great memories in one place!

Leave Your Mark

If you’re not into photography or you feel like venturing away from the traditional engagement announcement, including a picture of the two of you may not be your cup of tea. Instead, create something unique and simple to send to your friends and family or post online. With an inkpad, make a heart shape using your thumbprints. Then, write a simple statement underneath announcing your engagement. You can add details about the time and place, or just keep it simple with your names. It’s a creative yet personal way to announce your engagement to those who mean the most to you.

The head of a black dog with grass in the background

Relaxed and Casual

For some people, the thought of making a splashy announcement isn’t appealing, and that’s okay too. If you’d rather keep it simple, a great option is to take a selfie with personalized mugs. It’s affordable, easy, and you don’t have to leave home. A simple photo of the two of you will convey the message to those you care about without going over the top. If you’d like to keep things low-key, this is a great way to do so while staying creative.

Your engagement is the announcement of two families becoming one. It marks the beginning of a new adventure and a new life together. No matter how you choose to announce the big event, make sure that it reflects your personalities. Once you’ve made your engagement known, the wedding planning fun begins! From selecting your own gown to picking out bridesmaids dresses, you’ll have a lot to do to prepare for the most important day of your life. Don’t handle it all on your own. Instead, let Brideside help! Our specialty concierge services make it easy to find the perfect designer gowns for your besties. With a wide variety of bridesmaids gifts and various price points, we have everything you need to get your bridal party wedding ready. Leave the details to us! With Brideside, planning your wedding is a piece of cake.

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