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5 Unforgettable Bridesmaids Gifts

One of the fun things about getting hitched is all the time you get to spend with your best friends. Bridal showers and bachelorette parties can be just as fun as meaningful as the wedding weekend! You get to spend quality time with women who know you best and have been there in good times and bad. They’ve supported you your entire life and are showering you with extra love and attention before your wedding day.  So make them feel special and appreciated by surprising them with fun gifts! Here are a few gift ideas for your gang.




Matching Denim Jackets

These make for some amazing pre-party pictures! Matching jackets are a fun and practical bridesmaid gift. They’ll keep your girls warm during late bachelorette party nights, and they’ll make for epic group photos. Plus it’ll be fun to pull them out again for the wedding day. They’re practical, adorable and fun. We call that a win/win.

Travel Essentials

Finding a gift box or basket your bridesmaids can use for your wedding is a really fun idea and useful for the girls. They’ll need eye masks, luggage tags, and maybe even a passport case to pack for your wedding – so why not give them a Jetsetter box that includes all of the above?

Cosmetic Cases

Cosmetic cases are a great gift to hand out during your make-up and hair time. Surprise them with a beautiful case or pouch that contains things can use throughout the day and night, like lip gloss, a compact, or waterproof (aka tearproof) mascara. Bonus points for a beautiful leather case that they can use for years to come.

Spa Treatments

I’ve never met a woman who would turn her nose up to a spa day. A spa day might be too expensive an  option, but there are tons of  spa-themed gifts like face masks or luxurious lotions that will help your besties relax between all of the wedding events. They’re also the perfect way to rejuvenate after the bachelorette party!

Beach Essentials

Between the bachelorette party and summer vacations, your girls are probably headed to the beach sometime soon. You can’t go wrong with beach essentials like flattering swimsuits and straw beach. Everyone loves relaxing in style, and they’ll think of  your thoughtful and useful gift everytime they head to the beach.

Your best girls are working hard to make your wedding unforgettable – make sure you treat them to something amazing in return!

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