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4 Things You Should Let Your Bridesmaids Choose for Themselves

Your wedding day is coming up and preparations are in full swing. Because this is the biggest day of your life, you’re entitled to make all of the decisions, right? Technically, yes. Although you may be feeling the pressure to make everything perfect, there are certain decisions that are easy to delegate to loved ones, and that will leave you feeling less stressed and more excited for your big day!

Choosing the cake flavors, flowers and who will be in your bridal party are all decisions that most brides will make themselves. But when it comes to what your bridesmaids will wear, you may want to give them some decision-making power. From bridesmaids’ dresses to hair styles, there are many different ways to allow your besties to express themselves on the big day!

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Bridesmaid Dresses

Sure, you have a basic idea of what you want the bridesmaid dresses to look like. Maybe you’re looking for a specific shade of mauve. Perhaps you want each of your bridesmaids to have a boho vibe with flowy bridesmaid dresses. Whatever your vision may be, there’s a way to make every bridesmaid feel like they are a part of the dress selection process. Your bridal party loves you for who you are, and they’re sure to want to select dresses that you’ll all be happy with. They’ve each played a unique and important role in your life; you can let their styles shine by allowing them to choose their own style from a specific designer.

Allow each of your bridesmaids to choose their own dress from a selection of dresses you’ve already approved and that you know will look great with one another. It may take a bit of extra time for you to choose multiple styles, colors and fabrics, but the result will be a beautiful mix and match bridal party look! Then, instead of having to find a dress that each of your bridesmaids can agree on, you can allow them to select a dress that they love and feel comfortable in.

Before you let your bridesmaids free, give them a few specific guidelines. If you have a specific color, style, designer or fabric in mind, let them know. With your expectations in tow, your bridesmaids will be able to choose a dress that flatters their different body types and preferences, while remaining within their budget. You can even make it an event and all shop for the dresses together, each one of your favorite people finding a look that makes them feel absolutely beautiful.

Hair and Makeup

Just as your bridesmaids have different styles and personalities, they have different hair and skin needs too. One may have natural curls while another may have stick straight locks. Because of these differences, a specific updo may look amazing on one of your friends while it leaves another one feeling self-conscious and less than their best. It’s important that each of your bridesmaids feel confident and joyful as they’re standing up at the ceremony or while giving a speech at the reception.

As with their bridesmaid dresses, it’s good to give broad guidelines. If you want each of your bridesmaids to have their hair up, let them know. Maybe you want them to have a braid or flower crown. Beyond a few simple guidelines, let them decide on the rest. They know which hairstyles and makeup colors suit them best. By giving them the ability to choose their own style, you’ll find that they’re much more confident throughout the wedding. That happiness will shine through in their smiles, resulting in joyous photos and a fun, carefree event.

And if for any reason you have a very specific vision in mind, consider covering the cost of hair and makeup for your girls. They’ve done a lot to make your big day feel special and they’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture!

Wedding Shoes

Keep it simple! Your bridesmaids will be spending much of the day on their feet. Some of them may feel more confident and beautiful in heels, while others would prefer a comfortable wedge or flat for a long day. If they have an especially long, steep or slippery walk down the aisle, they’ll be ultra appreciative of choosing their shoe styles.

As with everything else, simply choose a few guidelines to ensure that the look is cohesive. A neutral or metallic works with most dress colors, and bridesmaids often already own a suitable pair.

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